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Who We Are

QSAI is a community of the world’s best airlines and rail carriers leading the way for each traveler to have an elevated and seamless passage to their destinations.

We believe that each passenger deserves our commitment to deliver an enjoyable and safe food experience. Whether you are off to reunite with family, to close that business deal or to lose yourself in the wonders of our planet, QSAI is working together to make sure you can be confident in every bite, today and tomorrow.

We achieve that by upholding industry-recognized food safety and quality standards and by continuously monitoring performance against evidence-based international benchmarks. We are raising the bar, so that you can travel without worry.

We care about what you eat.

We are QSAI.

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What We Believe

Harmonized Industry Standards

Global standards established for the industry intended to reduce food safety risk and improve food quality, based on scientific principles, international regulatory guidelines and industry best practice.

Consumer Care

Every traveler should feel confident about the safety of their food at every point of their travel journey. QSAI protects and advocates for each passenger who chooses to travel with us.

Resource and
Cost Sharing

QSAI passenger carriers share in the cost of auditing wherever they use the same catering facilities – resulting in a small fraction of operational spending.


All stakeholders have a voice. QSAI brings together industry leaders, food safety experts, passenger carriers, on-board catering organizations, food and logistics brokers, and manufacturing professionals to encourage dialogue, industry progress and continuous improvement.


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